Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long time coming!

Well once again it's been way to long since my last post.So many things to keep track of when it comes to the net.I wish I had a full time computer person.Ohhhh ! wouldn't that be lovely.

Thats enough complaining, onto the good stuff.This week is the changeover for the Chocolate Crow Trader and as it was a "Christmas in July" theme it was time to start making some yuletide goodies .Now believe me that is not always easy to get into when you live in sunny Queensland.Here we are in the middle of winter and its about 26deg.But I did manage to get a new Santa and a set of 3 Santa hat ornies made .So I am feeling a little proud of myself.

As a special offer for the rest of July any purchases or orders on goods over the value of $50 gets are free set of "Ho Ho" wooden shelf sitters.I will attach a pic of these for you to look at.

I have also been currently working on these other great designs , but unfortunately they sold within a couple of hours after listing , but as always if you would like one just drop me a email and I can get one made up for you.

Well best I get back to work on these orders so I can get some new items done.


  1. I love your stuff. Your dolls are so cute. You need more followers so they can see your great things!

  2. My two loves in craft... Raggedies and Christmas.... well done...

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