Friday, January 7, 2011

Missing in Action!

Well I'm back!

Where have I been you may well ask ???? not blogging thats for sure .

I must admit I did grow weary of posting blogs and not really getting many hits or followers ( except of course for my lovely 7).

But my one and only New Years resolution was to concentrate super doper hard on my sites this year .None of this silly loosing weight or excercising more , thats not for me . my scales would tell you.

So now I'm looking for ways to increase my followers , so I was thinking of having a giveaway or something along those lines .

Any good ideas would be appreciated from anyone who has managed to increase theirs.!!!!!!!

I will be adding more pics ect in the near future of my makings .


  1. Sharlene - glad your back! I love your dolls. One way I got more followers was my give away. My first was back in Aug. I am now having one for Valentines (check it out on If you do one make sure that 1. they are a follower and 2. they get an extra chance to win if they post your blog on theirs. By the way I belong to a group called ACOL - check out my blog on the side bar and join our group. Lots of nice ladies and pretty good visiblity. Hopes this helps!

  2. Hi Sharlene... yep I have the same New Year's resolution... I am giving away a freebie stitchery drawing each month for a Teddy BOM. Give aways sure do help in attracting traffic.
    Cath Ü