Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lets start again!!!!!

Well I didn't get off to a very good start did I!

I can't believe its over a month since I did my last post , where does the time go.

Like I don't have enough to do . I got my childrens range off and running this month , so I have been constructive on the sewing machine but not on the computer . So today I updated my website with some new lines , stuck some old ones on ebay that need clearing and you guessed it ,now I am updating my blog .

I have decided Mondays is now housework and computer days , then 3 days a week are dedicated to my childrens range and 3 days are dedicated to my country/prim range .Wish me luck!

Next Monday I hope to have a giveaway ready to go .As you know I am looking for more ways to build up my followers (not enough love me yet) and thanks very much to PatC from "All is Bright" for her feedback on how I should go about it. Thanks Pat!

Well thats enough rambling .Hope you enjoy my new pics from Angels in Disguise ,Deenas country & Bit of Whimsy dolls patterns .

Take care till next week.

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